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Graphite Electrode Price Increased in April 2021... View More>>
Monthly review: wait-and-see status in April, graphite electrode quotes continue to rise... View More>>
Graphite electrode market review and outlook in March 2021... View More>>
Electrode factories are willing to adjust prices strongly UHP700mm graphite electrodes make up for the increase (03.12-03.18)... View More>>
At the beginning of the Chinese new year 2021, the price of graphite electrodes went up.. ... View More>>
Graphite Electrodes Prices During Chinese New Year 2021... View More>>
China Graphite Electrodes Price Keep Going Up In the End of January 2021..... View More>>
It is learned from the industry that due to the price increase of raw materials such as petroleum coke needle coke pitch, the price of graphite electrodes began..... View More>>
Graphite Electrode Market Trend In November 2020
The graphite electrode industry is still at a loss. If the raw material market maintains the current trend, graphite electrode companies may adjust their prices in order to reduce their losses... View More>>
Graphite Electrode Price Trends In October 2020
At the end of October 2020, the Chinese domestic market prices of ordinary power graphite electrodes and high-power graphite electrodes are ralatively stable..... View More>>
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